German Resources

Dictionaries – best general dictionary for EN-DE with millions of entries
Linguee – good dictionary for finding specialist terms used in context
The Free Dictionary – excellent for learning verb structures and finding example sentences
Duden – the most highly looked up to dictionary for native speakers


Grimm Grammar – nice site for learning grammar in a fairytale setting with nice examples, pictures and audio
ielanguages – a good free introductory course to German


Ba Ba Dum – Beautiful vocab trainer game that will teach you 1500 common words in 21 languages


Easy German
Easy German Podcast
Easy German – Would You Rather (featuring me!)
Easy German –What Are You Afraid Of? (featuring me!)
Easy German – Highlight of Your Week (featuring me!)
Super Easy German – German Verbs: Geben (featuring me!)
Kurzgesagt – interesting science animations in German
follow me.reports – Short documentary-style interviews on various public interest topics


Here’s a list of German bands I enjoy.

Kraftwerk – the grandfathers of modern electronic music
Rammstein – the archetypal German band
Tokio Hotel – cult band from Magdeburg formed when the musicians were just 12 years old
Silbermond – pop band from Bautzen, Saxony
Juli – similar to Silbermond
Wir Sind Helden – alternative pop quartet with vivid lyrics
Oomph! – similar to Rammstein, but good in their own right
Megaherz – another metal band reminiscent of Rammstein
K.I.Z. – hip-hop band with… interesting… lyrics


Tandem App – amazing app where you can talk to native speakers and have them correct your messages
Anki – flashcard app that syncs between Windows/Mac/iOS/Android. Very powerful and customisable but slightly steap learning curve