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Support Me

My dream is to make enough money from this blog so that I can quit my main job as a translator and work on creating free content and helping German learners full time.

It gives me great pleasure to help learners, but it takes a lot of time to create the resources, and there are also costs associated with hosting and running the website, so I need your help.

Things you can do to support me

1. Share a post on Facebook

If you enjoyed reading one of my posts, then share it! Just click the share button at the top of a post and share it with other learners in a Facebook group or on your wall, or just send the link directly to one of your friends.

This helps the blog grow and allows my resources to help more people. Both of which will make me very happy.

2. Have a question about German? Ask me on Instagram

Following me on Instagram helps me reach a wider audience. It’s also a great way to send me a message or question and get a quick response.

2. Consider supporting me on Patreon

I just launched on Patreon! Consider donating $4/month to fund me so I can do this full-time. I will be your personal German tutor answering your questions 24/7 and forever in your debt.

3. Help cover my hosting fees by signing up to Krystal Web Hosting

I spent ages looking for the best web hosting. I tried Siteground and Bluehost but I had problems with both of them. The speeds on Bluehost were especially terrible.

After searching for ages I finally found Krystal and I am very happy with them. The speeds are great and they respond to my questions and fix them within seconds.

Krystal uses data centres in London that use 100% renewable energy. Did you know that the Internet is one of the world’s worst carbon emitters? According to the Boston Consulting Group, the Internet produces 1 billion tonnes of CO2 per year, accounting for 2% of global emissions.

Anyway, I am very fussy when it comes to finding products and services with the best price/performance ratio, and I can honestly say from my own experience that Krystal is excellent. Signing up using my link helps cover my hosting fees, which is nice!