German Resources

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This page is a central list of excellent resources which I used to learn German. I personally recommend all of these sources for all learners of German.

Skip Your Language Classes

Skip your language classes – they are a massive waste of your time and money. If you want to learn a language quickly and efficiently, then learning by yourself is far superior. Firstly, there is the time spent travelling to and from the class, unpacking your things, waiting for the teacher… Read More »Skip Your Language Classes

Think Like a Neanderthal

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One mindset shift that really helps your learning is to start thinking literally. What do I mean by this? Most translations are made to sound natural. In a textbook you might see a German phrase with its English translation. Wie geht’s dir?How are you? This is not optimal for the… Read More »Think Like a Neanderthal

German Bike Vocab You Must Know

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On this page I’ve collected some of the most important German bike vocabulary to make sure you’re prepared the next time a German invites you out for a Fahrradtour. So grab your Drahtesel, pump up your Reifen, put on your Helm and get out there! Just don’t forget your Fahrradschloss,… Read More »German Bike Vocab You Must Know