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Here are all of the resources and posts I’ve written about German.


How Long Does It Take to Learn German?
5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your German
Skip Your Language Classes
Think Like a Neanderthal
Motivation in Language Learning
8 Reasons Why You Should Learn German


Do Your Vocab Lists Look Like This?
Vocab Writing Cheat Sheet
German Bike Vocab You Must Know
The Ultimate German Party Vocab List (Vocab #1)
20 Most Important German Verbs for Beginners
English Words in German with Surprising Meanings
The Fool’s Plural – Do you make this mistake in German?


German Nouns – The Basics
Nominative and Accusative for Crazy People
German Irregular Verbs Hack
The Ultimate Guide to the Word “auf”
The Ultimate Guide to the German Preposition “an”
The Ultimate Guide to the German Preposition “zu”
How to Say “Put” in German
How to Learn Separable Prefix Verbs (trennbare Verben) the Easy Way
Is Learning the Gender of German Nouns Necessary?

German Voice Notes

Informationen zur Teilnahme am Sprachnachricht-Projekt
Laura Tells Us about Her Creative Day (Voice Note #1)
Samuel Visited an Island (Voice Note #2)
Christoph Talks about Quarantine in Valencia (Voice Note #3)
Fabian Sends Me a Personal Message (Voice Note #4)
Katja’s Trip to the Lake (Voice Note #5)
Marie and Her Brother Get Caught in the Rain (Voice Note #6)
Antje Broke Her Ankle… Really Badly (Voice Note #7)


Podcast Episode #1 – Text Analysis – Katja’s Trip to the Lake


The German Gold Mine
6 Best Sources for Fun German Listening